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Brahma Boards
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Care Instructions      BRAHMA BOARDS HEIRLOOM QUALITY BACKGAMMON BOARDS The Brahma Board is a beautiful combination of select hardwoods and hand worked leather.   The boards are tough and with some care will last you a lifetime.  The type of leather used can be dyed and tooled, this means it is able to absorb moisture and can be worked and tooled when wet. That also means it can be damaged when wet!  To protect against this we apply a leather conditioner to the interior and exterior leather surfaces.   •  Should the leather become wet – blot it with a clean cloth or napkin – don’t rub it!  When it dries it will be fine. •  Be aware of where you set your checkers during play.  If the table you are playing on is dirty or sticky (an example would be in a pub or bar)    set the checkers in the checker holders or on a napkin to keep them clean. •  The checkers can be cleaned in a mild detergent to remove dirt and oil. Dry thoroughly before returning them to the board. •  Don’t put pencils or pens inside your board. Lead and ink can be very difficult if not impossible to remove. •  Don’t put paper on your leather surface and write.  The impressions can transfer through the paper into the leather. •  Don’t store the board in direct sunlight for long periods of time. •  Once a year, apply a light coat of Aussie Conditioner to the interior and a little heavier coat to the exterior. Use your bare fingers to apply the    conditioner and wipe it off with a soft terry cloth.  Fold the cloth so there aren’t any sharp ridges or edges rubbing the leather.  Always wipe in    gentle circles.  Never rub hard back and forth.  You can purchase this product from Tandy Leather at http://www.tandyleather.com most of the    stores will mail it to you. The wood surfaces of the Brahma Boards have been treated and sealed with a blend of oil and urethane used by fine furniture makers. The oil penetrates the wood to bring out the beauty of the grain, the urethane forms a protective barrier to the elements to give you a long lasting, low maintenance surface.  Each board has had three coats applied by hand to give you years of lasting beauty. Exposure to water, hand oils, alcoholic beverages or soft drinks should not harm the surface of the wood. If residue is left or to clean anything that may be spilled on the wood, use a dampened soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners and avoid contact with any abrasive materials. If deep scratches or other damage occurs, contact us and we will offer advice on a case by case basis depending on the damage involved. Contact us if you have any questions at: info@brahmaboards.com  or call 253.656.0564  Please leave your board serial number with your contact information.
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