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Brahma Boards
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Brahma Checkers It took two years of research and development to create our line of backgammon checkers.  All of our checkers are hand cast and hand tooled.  Each set is unique.  They are not mass produced like most backgammon checkers.  We use a process of layering colors that create wonderful patterns. When you hand cast and tool there can be some minor imperfections.  Real leather and wood can have minor imperfections as well.  It is all part of having something natural and handmade. You will find samples of our Brahma Checkers below.  They all have finger indents.  New orders take from two to fours weeks.  Our checkers retail at $160. for a full set or $80. a half set.  You can change the look of your board by adding an extra roll of checkers.  Let us know if you want something special.  We will do our best to make it happen! Our pearlescent checkers - We can create numerous combinations. Here are some examples.  They are from top left to right: white, champagne, yellow, orange, bronze, wine red, royal blue, purple, green, medium green and charcoal. You can blend pearlescent mica and solid pigment.  The patterns                   Here are three white pearlescent will change based on the ratios of mica to pigment.                              micas blended in translucent dyes. You can mix and match colors and style but keep in mind that a full set will look best if it is cast using the same style.  Click here for checker sizes.