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Brahma Boards
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The Brahma Board Bag The Brahma Board Bag Is designed to be lightweight and durable.  It will help protect your board when you transport it from one location to another. There is an opening for your board handle at the top with the board flap closing using Velcro spots.   The bag has a detachable black strap for carrying on your shoulder.  There are two small open storage pockets at each end.  Each bag is custom made using Sunbrella marine fabric for the outside of our Brahma Board Bag. Sunbrella marine fabric is highly colorfast and mildew resistant. It comes with a finish providing it unmatched water repellency while still maintaining breathability. You will find color samples at Rex Pegg Fabrics.  Just click on the canvas link and the Sunbrella link to view your color options:  http://rexpeggfabrics.com Please let us know the color you would like for your carry bag or wrap. The Brahma Board Bag and Wrap was designed and is made by Home and Away - Design & Custom Sewing Solutions in Edgewood, WA.  Jenine is wonderful to work with.  You can contact her for sewing solutions at: jeninemarieclaire@hotmail.com   The bags and wraps are designed to fit our Brahma Boards.  Jenine is willing to make the same style bag to fit other boards.  There is an additional $10.00 fee for this service.  You would need to send us your board dimensions.  Top to bottom – end to end – side to side and the distance from the outside of your handle hardware where it attaches to your frame. A Brahma Board Bag or Wrap takes about two to three weeks to create. The bags run $150.00 and the wraps run $140.00 + $15.00 shipping – Free shipping when purchased with a Brahma Board. The wrap does not come with a shoulder strap.  You can open it and place your open board on it to play.