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Our Story

The year was 2003 when Tim and Clyde visited Peoria for a backgammon tournament. Tim became fascinated with the tournament size boards. We told our friend, Randy, about the tournament and how wonderful it was to play backgammon on a large board. The three of us put our heads together and created the Brahma Board.  We knew we wanted to work with wood and leather.  Randy came up with the Brahma Board name and Tim’s son, Casey, created our logo. The first board weighed a ton! We took it to Patrick Gibson’s tournament is LA for some feedback - lol – we went back to the drawing board and built two more. They were lighter and looked good. We knew were heading in the right direction. The fourth board we built had all of the elements for a serious backgammon player. Randy and I took it to Howard Markowizt’s tournament in LV. The board was open on a table during the Calcutta Auction. When the auction ended I went up to pay for our bids and a man named Mike came up to Randy to discuss the board. He bought it before I returned to the table! We knew we had something special but we didn’t know how special.  It all started with an idea from our friend Tim Ferrell.  We have created world class backgammon boards for customers in seven countries.  Our good friend and master board maker, Tim Ferrell, suffered a heart attack Sunday, March 16th 2008 and passed away.  He would have been 57 in May of that year.  His family and friends miss him dearly. Tim, Randy and Clyde were close friends for over twenty years. In many ways, Brahma Boards was the best boys club on the planet! We were able to create world class backgammon boards of heirloom quality, buy cool tools and play a ton of backgammon! What a great hobby! One of our biggest surprises was discovering a wonderful group of backgammon players in our own back yard and meeting backgammon players from around the world. We became members of the Puget Sound Backgammon Club. These people helped us grow our game, create three American Backgammon Tournament events, and have helped promote our backgammon boards. Tim's son, Casey, has become involved in this wonderful hobby.  His father would have been proud.
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Tim Ferrell